IWC IWC Ocean Timepiece and "Ocean King" face to face

Schaffhausen, December 13, 2016 - Schaffhausen IWC IWC in a very representative series of marine timepieces launched a special version of diving replica watches , limited edition 500, the bottom with a hammer head Double hammer shark engraved. Ocean Time Chronograph "shark" special edition and Michael Muller (Michael Muller) books with the same name on sale exclusively. This limited edition collection TASCHEN Atlas autographed by the photographer, presented in a resistance to shark bite metal cages, lifelike. American photographer Muller to Hollywood star portrait photography is known. Over the past few years, he has captured images of shark species worldwide with unprecedented technical precision. IWC IWC Ocean Timepiece and "Ocean King" face to face IWC IWC Ocean Timepiece and "Ocean King" face to face IWC IWC Watches Chronograph "Shark" Special Edition (Model: IW379506) China Price: RMB 86,000 Today, more and more shark species are facing extinction. More than 100 million sharks are killed each year, and continued over-fishing threatens the food source of sharks. "Protecting endangered species is a central theme of IWC's environmental stewardship, which is why we have been collaborating extensively with the Darwin Foundation since 2009 to support numerous projects such as the Galapagos Oceanic "Said Georges Kern, chief executive officer of IWC in Schaffhausen, who has been working on the conservation of shark stocks in protected areas. In order to raise awareness of the protection of sharks, IWC IWC is now in the most representative of the marine diving watch series of swiss replica watches launched an exclusive special version of the clock. IWC IWC Ocean Timepiece and "Ocean King" face to face A limited edition of 500 pieces of shark special edition (IW379506) is engraved on the bottom of the watch to depict a group of hammerhead hammerheads swimming in the sea. The distinctive gray dial is inspired by the shark color. Featuring a stainless steel case, the timepiece is driven by the IWC IWC Model 89365 Self-Made Movement. It is waterproof to 30 bar and has a flyback function, a self-winding system, and a 68 hour power reserve. Diving time can be set by rotating the bezel mechanical inside and outside. This IWC innovation combines the clear readiness of the rotating inner ring with the ease of operation of the rotating outer ring. IWC SafeDive System ensures that the rotating inner ring can only be set in a counter-clockwise direction. Dial, pointer and rotating inner ring covered with luminous coating, so that the wearer can also be clearly read underwater. IWC IWC Ocean Timepiece and "Ocean King" face to face A bold underwater task without a fence This exclusive marine timepieces and Michael Muller's Atlas "Sharks" (shark) with the exclusive sale. The American photographer is best known for portraits of the world's most famous actors, musicians and sports stars. In the past decade, he has been focusing on shark photography. In the absence of the replica watches usual cage protection, he and the predators were swim in the deep sea, and with 1,200 watts of underwater strobe lights shark close-up shooting. With superb technology and sensitivity, he was able to capture these fascinating animals. TASCHEN, the famous publishing house, collected the spectacular photographs he had taken and published them in the form of very large catalogs. These books are autographed by the photographer and stitched in an eye-catching cage that resists shark bite. IWC IWC Ocean Timepiece and "Ocean King" face to face