Professional Slim 60 Years - Piaget Altiplano Series 60th Anniversary Super Thin Limited Edition Watches

1957 - Cal.9P - 2mm, these three words can be said to sketch out a huge technological achievements, but also defines a symbol of the existence of the watch industry: Altiplano series. And if we must use two words to sum up the tabulation of the essence of the brand in the brand, then there is no doubt that the "thin" word is inevitable. Since 1957, the count has been the ultra-thin concept of watch design among the most outstanding one of the most important representatives, and belongs to replica watches uk its wonderful story is from the 1957 launch of the brand Cal.9P-type movement and its revolutionary 2 mm thickness. To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the arrival of ultra-thin watch, the count launched a new series of 60th anniversary Altiplano limited ultra-thin watch, they will be in January next year, the Geneva International Watch Fair (SIHH) to meet with everyone. Slim 60 Years - Piaget Altiplano Series 60th Anniversary Ultra-thin limited edition watch Slim 60 years - Piaget Altiplano Series 60th Anniversary Ultra-thin limited edition watch Left: 1957 manual on the chain Cal.9P right: 1960 self-winding Cal.12P, with a small pendulum Tuo The Altiplano Series 60 anniversary rolex replica contains two models, namely a 43mm-size self-winding watch and a 38mm-size manual winding watch. Both tables are equipped with an elegant blue color-based disk, and whether it is in the design or process, the count is deeply learned the essence of the original design. Its smooth dial, slim posture, and the interior is equipped with a modern but full of history but still rich in mechanical movement, people are as if they see the original Altiplano watch, as amazed. Professional Slim 60 Years - Piaget Altiplano Series 60th Anniversary Super Thin Limited Edition Watches The new Piaget Altiplano watch, built in platinum, measures 43mm in size, is a true men's watch, yet has a super slim profile, thanks to its internal Cal.1200P The presence of the core. The movement after three years of research and development, available in 2010, is the brand launched in 1960 Cal.12P movement of high-quality successor. Through the sapphire crystal through the bottom of the table back, we can see such as Geneva ripple, round pattern decoration, chamfer table bridge and blue steel screws and other delicate process to 22k gold to create the put Tuo showing a movement with the overall Color, out of tune with the black smoked color, but it is given to a unique texture. The 60th anniversary of the automatic watch dial design is very simple, but the best to show the elegance of the rolex replica watches style: slender Barton time indicator with the pointer display, dark blue disk with a delicate pattern of sun radiation pattern as embellishment , While the two thin lines to cross-shaped structure across the disk center. The automatic watch is limited to 360, the official has not yet revealed its price, but it is estimated that more than twenty thousand euros is properly child. Professional Slim 60 Years - Piaget Altiplano Series 60th Anniversary Super Thin Limited Edition Watches Technical Parameters Case: 43mm - 18K white gold material - sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the same material through the end of the table back Movement: Cal.1200P Homemade movement - 2.35mm thickness - Automatic winding movement - vibration frequency 21600 vph - 44 hours power reserve Strap: Blue crocodile leather strap - platinum buckle The second is to say that the 60th anniversary of the Altiplano series of manual winding watch. Its case size is 38mm, compared to the above 43mm size of the timepiece, it is definitely a standard dress up models of the paragraph (a faint bias in the neutral rhythm ...). The two appear to be the same in appearance: the blue sun pattern disk, cross cross, Barton time scale and pointer and more slim case design. Of course, the size of the reduction means that the use of the movement will also be different, the watch is equipped with an internal brand of another piece of mechanical movement - Cad.430P, it is the count launched ultra-thin manual winding Cal.9P movement of the second generation of improved. Although it is not visible because it is the bottom of the secret, but it also uses a lot of fine grinding process (Geneva ripple, round ornamentation, chamfer table bridge, blue steel screws, etc.), its thickness is only 2.1mm, but But can provide 43 hours of power reserve. The watch will be limited edition 460, the same official price is not disclosed, but estimated at 17,000 euros.